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Colorado Tech Weekly #7, July 29, 2013: New small devices are going to change our world

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The biggest issue I’ve had with set top boxes is that I can’t just go online like I can with my computer or phone. That all changes this week with the tiny $35 Google ChromeCast. I have had issues with making bigger devices touch-enabled because it just seems weird to have to hold my hand out to my computer or TV. This week, the Leap Motion controller fixes that for me too. I am really looking forward to seeing more devices like these. This is the same kind of energy and innovation I am seeing in Colorado every week when I research for these posts.

Local News

  • Colorado is poised to take on the tech world in a big way [InnovatioNews]
  • Loveland-based Madwire awarded tax credits to create 500 jobs [InnovatioNews]
  • Denver Broncos stay local and use Wayin for their social media hub [TechKnowBytes]
  • How to fail at e-recycling and end up in jail [DBJ]
  • COIN names 4 finalists in the “Glorious Failure” contest [DBJ]

National News

  • Google launches ChromeCast. Angers TV networks, but makes me happy [All Things D]
  • Famous hacker Barnaby Jack dies at 35 [Guardian]
  • Apple’s Development Center breached by hackers [TechCrunch]
  • Gesture-based Leap Motion Controllers are out! [TechCrunch]
  • XBox Live to allow independent developers to self publish [Ars Technica]

Upcoming Events

A quick note about why I love Twitter

Sure some people use Twitter to tweet about their lunch or post pictures of their cats, but there is something great about this service that only allows 140 character updates and 160 character profile summaries. It takes away so many social barriers!

This week for my computer science class, we were asked to figure out why the Java GUI components are called “Swing”. I found my answer in a blog post (Why is Swing Called Swing?), but I wanted a more solid source. So I found Georges Saab’s Twitter account and asked him myself. Being the cool guy he is, he responded:

I NEVER would have considered sending Saab an email to ask this question. I would have felt that I was bothering him. I’m perfectly fine sending it as a tweet though. This is why I love Twitter.

Thank you for reading!

If know of any other good news stories or sources about tech in Colorado, please let me know! Also if you attend any of the events listed, I would love to hear from you!