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Colorado Tech Weekly #154: CTA, BSW, Go Code Colorado and Influence

Colorado Tech Weekly Binary FlagColorado Tech Weekly brings you the top 10  technology stories of the past week and the best upcoming local tech events every Monday morning!

I don’t know where to start this week!

Do I start with the Boulder Startup Week highlights from BuiltinColorado? Highlights that do not include Brad Feld in shiny gold shorts as the ring card holder for the Founder Fights? That was my highlight. Or do I start with the news about the Colorado Technology Association’s announcement of their new CEO, Andrea Young? Maybe I should start with being named a top 50 influential person in Colorado tech for the second year in a row? That’s pretty darn cool. Or I could start with being asked to cover the Go Code Colorado Final Event as a blogger? I was part of a winning team last year after all. It’s just all too much. I can’t decide.

This week I will be at ReadyTalk’s FoxDen Launch Party and at the Go Code Colorado Final Event, both of which are on Thursday so let me know if you’ll be there too. I’d love to say “Hi”.

Also if you’re looking for an influential, self-motivated, entry-level software developer, I am looking for a new job so get in touch!

Top Colorado Technology News

  • Colorado startup Aventeer takes the price tag off of searching for local talent [CTA]
  • CEO and Co-founder of Boulder-based Amadeus Consulting, Lisa Calkins named Female CEO of the Year by CEO World Awards [AmadeusConsulting]
  • Colorado Springs software company, Altia Inc., has big plans, starting with interactive dashboard displays [ColoradoSpringsGazette]
  • Denver’s Choozle Appoints Eric Princen as Vice President of Engineering and Ashley Albrecht as East Coast Sales Director [Choozle]
  • Behind the scenes: what it’s really like to work on Denver-based’s product team [BuiltinColorado]
  • You don’t have to start in startups: the past lives of 5 members of Colorado’s tech community [BuiltinColorado]
  • Andrea Young named Colorado Tech Association’s new CEO [DenverPost]
  • 50 influential people in Colorado tech you should follow on Twitter [BuiltinColorado]
  • We asked, you answered: Highlights from Boulder Startup Week [BuiltinColorado]
  • Denver’s GoSpotCheck is the #1 Place to Work in Denver! [GoSpotCheck]

Top Upcoming Events

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