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Colorado Tech Weekly #258: When Turning Ideas into Tech, The Details Matter

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This week’s headlines have me thinking about details. As a business-person or entrepreneur you are going to tell someone with some technical knowledge “I want to do a thing” and they are going to ask you “Yeah, but how?” which makes me want to ask: At which point is it best to answer the question “Yeah, but how?” At the project management level? UX level? When acquiring resources? When creating the programming?

When is it best to answer that question? Easy! It’s at every level! The more you’re willing to answer questions about the details, the better work you’ll get out of every step of your process.

On the other side, I don’t think it’s ever a bad idea as a developer, project manager, or anyone involved in the implementation process to ask “Yeah, but how?” It’s important for everyone involved to be on the same page.

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Top Colorado Technology News

  • Denver-based Zenman Celebrates 20th Anniversary:: Recap Photos [Zenman]
  • Denver marijuana tech firm Baker gets scooped up in four-way merger, with IPO planned [DenverPost]
  • Boulder-based Terma Software Recognized in Silicon Review’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies in 2018 [TermaSoftware]
  • Bootstrappers, behemoths discuss tech industry in Boulder [BizWest]
  • Greenwood Village cloud computing/IT company, NexusTek, gains national reach in merger [DBJ]
  • BDS Analytics, a Boulder-based cannabis data leader, lands $3.5 million investment [DenverPost]
  • Denver’s Photobucket restores photos “taken hostage,” hopes to lure back customers with cheaper plans after last year’s $399 debacle [DenverPost]
  • Slack confirms Denver office, but will it be its ‘HQ2?’ [DBJ]
  • Teardown of Boulder-based Misty Robotics Misty II [Feld]
  • Senior developers: Take a look inside the tech stacks of these 7 Colorado tech companies [BuiltinColorado]

Top Upcoming Events

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