Square State Music

In the beginning of 2023 I decided to focus my attention on local music in Colorado. I had a feeling that I could satisfy any musical taste by listening to music made in Colorado. I had no idea how right I was! There is an overwhelming amount of talent in Colorado when it comes to music and all the creative pursuits that involve music. I am overwhelmed but loving it! So I started SquareStateMusic.com to catalog and amplify everyone involved in the Colorado music scene!

Purpose: I want to use this site to catalog and amplify all the cool people, organizations and events that make the Colorado music scene the fun place that it is. However there’s a LOT of cool people, organizations and events that make up the Colorado music scene so I need to make my own tools to make updates quick and easy otherwise the information will get stale quickly and I’ll feel bad and the site won’t be of much use and I don’t want that.

Solution: I’m going to create a 3 application system to keep the information updated so that it’s easy to update so that it stays relevant and useful without needing too much extra work from myself once it’s set up.

Those 3 applications will be:

  • An API that a allows me to update information and allows the future web client app at SquareStateMusic.com to read and display information immediately.
  • A mobile app for my Android phone that allows me to quickly add and update information for the Square State Music system.
  • A web site that reads from the API so that other people can get to know the Colorado music scene!

Challenges: Since I’m comfortable with WordPress, I just created a WordPress site for Square State Music and I was going to use the post/page/tags structure of WordPress to update and show off information about musicians, venues, shows and events. The WordPress tools do a LOT that I don’t need and that made updating the site slow and cumbersome which is why I’m building my own tools!

I am just one person doing this project FOR FUN and I already do web development full time so I need to be ok with going slow and making this work fun!