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Colorado Tech Weekly #151: The Nuts and Bolts of Bits and Bytes

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I love learning the ins and outs of how things work. This is why I am pursuing a Computer Science degree as opposed to going to a coding school. I don’t want to just learning how to write good code, I like learning how that code interacts with hardware and networks and all the interactions that happen when I press a button on my keyboard that saves a character in a database on my website. This interest in all the things has gotten in my way as much as it’s propelled me to learn.

Last month I successfully tempered my desire to know all the things and created a Ruby on Rails web app for my police department to keep track of Trespass Notices. This week I start my Computer Organization and Architecture 400-level course at Regis University so I will need to feed of that desire to understand all the things. I’m a little bit intimidated by the course but I’m also really looking forward to it.

This week a few of the headlines dive into how things work which is really cool and is why I love doing these blog posts! The headlines include behind the scenes at Havenly, new ways to produce electron currents from CSU, a look into office culture with music and a peek into the interview process from

Top Colorado Technology News

  • Westminster-based Accurence moving to new Louisville facility [BizWest]
  • Behind the scenes: what it’s really like to be an engineer for Denver’s Havenly [BuiltinColorado]
  • Denver-based Swiftpage goes all out: Integrations to hundreds of online business applications now available [CTA]
  • Ibotta Milestones: Our New Denver Headquarters [Ibotta]
  • CSU research reveals new way to produce electron currents, power devices [InnovatioNews]
  • Fusion partners With Boulder-based Rapt Media to reinvent investigative news [RaptMedia]
  • Boulder’s Stream raises $1.75M seed round [Stream]
  • Colorado tech’s office anthems [BuiltinColorado]
  • Boulder’s Sphero takes top prize at Edison Awards for Star Wars’ BB-8 droid [DenverPost]
  • How and why uses coding challenges to interview developers []

Top Upcoming Events

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