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Colorado Tech Weekly #281: Hiring is Hard! Colorado is Great! Denver Startup Week Was Fun!

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The startup I work for (I keep wanting to say “My company” but I don’t want people to think I’m in charge) is hiring for a front-end engineer/designer, a full stack .NET engineer and a software implementation engineer. Infinicept is a very small company so we don’t have a single person to do recruiting and hiring, we just have us and it’s made me appreciate what work is done by a good “people person”.

This week’s headlines is more of the same. More growth! You’d think that after almost 300 weeks of mostly good news about growth, it would get boring but it never does!

Speaking of good things, I am slightly ashamed by the lack of original content on this blog so I’m going to start writing more blog posts! Last week I started my 2018 Denver Startup Week Review with a look at Day 1. You’ll never guess what’s in store for this week… ok you probably will so I’ll just tell you that it’s going to be about Day 2.

Have a great week!

Top Colorado Technology News

  • Lightworks Fiber brings jobs and optimism to Colorado coal country in Delta  [NPR]
  • Denver’s tech ecosystem is a work in progress as companies come and grow and others get sold [ColoradoSun]
  • Sumo Logic, another Bay Area tech company has growth plans for its Denver office [DBJ]
  • Assignar raises $6.2M to fund construction of operations management platform software [InnovatioNews]
  • Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs land on list of Top 20 tech towns in America [InnovatioNews]
  • After raising $80M this Denver vacation rental company Evolve is evolving into its second phase [DBJ]
  • Silicon Flatirons GiveFirst Conference: Feld and Zell [BFeld]
  • Boulder’s Zayo to provide dark fiber to data-encryption company [BizWest]
  • 6 takeaways from the Denver and Boulder Tech Census [DBJ]
  • Special report DBJ’s Fast 50, metro Denver s fastest-growing private companies [DBJ]

Top Upcoming Events

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