Dev News Weekly

In 2014, I started Dev News Weekly to supplement my main news series Colorado Tech Weekly. When I started Colorado Tech Weekly I had not found many local news sources so I included stories about stories outside of Colorado that were interesting to me as a developer. As I learned more about the Colorado technology community and found more stories, I was unable to include the national stories. Dev News Weekly was a way for me to share the national news that I found interesting.

Purpose: Dev Tech Weekly was designed to share 10 useful software/web developer stories every Tuesday morning.

Solution: I subscribed to 18 different RSS feeds using Feedly and the Application Developers Smartbrief email newsletter to get my news. Then I used Evernote to organize my articles into 10 stories that I would share every week. This is similar to my process for my Colorado Tech Weekly posts.

Challenges: There is a ton of news about the tech industry! I ended up having to unsubscribe from the ReCode RSS feed because the amount of stories was just too much! It was difficult to narrow down a week of general tech stories into 10 headlines each week. It would probably be easier if I had narrowed down the scope.

Outcome: While Colorado Tech Weekly is currently on it’s 62nd consecutive week, Dev News Weekly only made it 5 weeks. I still enjoy reading about tech trends and tech business news I just don’t have the time to aggregate and share the news.

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