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Colorado Tech Weekly #3, July 1, 2013: The Neapolitan ice cream of tech news

BinaryColoradoFlagColorado Tech Weekly brings you the top 10 information technology stories of the past week every Monday morning!

When it comes to tech news, there are three popular flavors: business, privacy and innovations. This past week we get all three flavors. It’s the Neapolitan ice cream of tech news.

Local News

  • Douglas County-based companies can’t catch a break when it comes to mergers. Liberty Global misses out on Kabel Deutschland [DBJ]
  • I discovered another great local industry group. New Tech Boulder recaps the month that was June [New Tech]
  • Larimer County sues Colorado Customware over failed software [DBJ]
  • Rally Software expands their HQ to stay in Boulder [DBJ]
  • CenturyLink should come up with a better name for their new “Internet Cost Recovery Fee” [Techknowbytes]
  • What is going into the NSA’s new data center in Utah? [Denver Post]

National News

  • Facebook creates ‘shadow profiles’ and accidentally makes some private info public [ZD Net]
  • New PRISM leak says information is being monitored in real-time [The Next Web]
  • The nuts and bolts of transferring 1.6 Tb/s using fiber [Science Magazine]
  • How to see through walls (almost) using WiFi [IT World]

Upcoming Events

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If know of any other good news stories or sources about tech in Colorado, please let me know! Also if you attend any of the events listed, I would love to hear from you! Happy Fourth of July!