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Colorado Tech Weekly #2, June 23, 2013: Yes. One petabyte. PB. No.

BinaryColoradoFlagAre you ready for the end of Google Reader on July 1? How much data can you fit on a DVD? How do you abbreviate “petabyte”? Will Microsoft keep it’s most controversial XBox One “features”?

One of the reasons I started this series was to keep track of good companies so that when I have the skills I need, I know where I want to use them. One of the best way to find good companies is by looking for industry and business awards. This week I’ve learned about a few companies thanks to these awards.

Local News

  • Congratulations to North High School student, Juan Vargas, for getting his KidsTek Summer Internship! [KidsTek]
  • Check out some of the fastest growing companies in Colorado.  [Colorado Companies to Watch]
  • Dish Networks misses out on Sprint and Clearwire. What next? [Techknowbytes]
  • EAGLE-Net has good intentions to provide broadband to Colorado school districts, but is it working? [Techknowbytes]
  • Congratulations to Ajubeo Co-founder Tom Whitcomb for winning CIO of the year [CTA]
  • Congratulations to Mike Shehan and Steve Swoboda of SpotXchange for winning the Ernst & Young Technology Services CEO of the Year [CTA]
  • City and County Denver is looking for nominations for their 2013 Biz Plan Awards [CTA]

National News

  • A few smart Aussies figure out how to fit 1PB on a DVD [The Conversation]
  • Google Reader alternative, Feedly, gets web access just in time! [The Next Web]
  • XBox One backs off from constant internet connection requirement and DRM plans [Game On]

Upcoming Events

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If know of any other good news stories or sources about tech in Colorado, please let me know! Also if you attend any of the events listed, I would love to hear from you!