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What I’ve learned about the Colorado tech community after 1 year


My goal is to have a software/web/app development job by 2016, so one year ago yesterday I started Colorado Tech Weekly to keep myself up-to-date on what was happening in the technology community in Colorado. I turned it into a blog because I knew that if I wanted to know what was going on, so did a lot of other people. This happens to be a theme within the Colorado tech community. Don’t just help yourself, help everyone else!

5 things I’ve learned in no particular order

  • Startups are noisy – I mean this in the nicest way possible. They’re launching, acquiring more funding, announcing exciting partnerships, filing for IPOs, getting acquired by larger companies and generally creating a ton of buzz. A lot of our startups are tech startups and it’s fun and easy to get caught up in the excitement!
  • There is no shortage of helpful people – The people and companies that make up the Colorado tech community are a helpful bunch. If you can think of a programming language, a framework or a discipline, there is probably a Meetup group here to help you learn about it. Speaking of Meetup groups…
  • There is no shortage of fun, helpful events – If I went to every tech related event just in the Denver area, I would be constantly busy. Between monthly group meetups, startup weeks, hackathons and conferences I wouldn’t have any time to do anything else!
  • Twitter may not be the best way to keep track of all the tech people in Colorado – I thought I would be clever and follow every person and company related to the Colorado tech industry. I didn’t anticipate that my Colorado Tech list would end up topping 1500 accounts. I also didn’t anticipate that Twitter would only allow me to follow 2001 accounts. Argh!
  • I can’t get over the “community” part of the Colorado tech community – Startups are growing and multiplying like rabbits. Large companies are celebrating big projects. There is such a great atmosphere of cooperation and encouragement! Companies, groups and experienced designers and developers are more than willing to help each other, their neighborhoods and newbies to the profession. It’s amazing!


  • My site receives around 200 visits per month. About 100 of those come from Colorado
  • 1,636 Twitter accounts listed in my Colorado Tech list
  • 25 different local news sources found

Top 5 Colorado Tech Weekly posts:

  1. Colorado Tech Weekly #33: Volunteering, court battles and new things
  2. Colorado Tech Weekly #22: Thank you from a veteran
  3. Colorado Tech Weekly #51: Adtech thrives, a #boulderwin and Colorado gets a new CIO
  4. Colorado Tech Weekly #38: C-Level at Mile High and Promising Futures
  5. Colorado Tech Weekly #47: So Much News, There’s News About News

Top 5 News Sources:

  3. Denver Business Journal
  4. TechKnowBytes Blog

Top 5 most mentioned companies:

  1. Convercent
  2. Level 3
  3. Quick Left
  4. SendGrid
  5. Dish Network

Where do I go from here?

  • I’m going to keep doing the same thing, just more of it.
  • Next week I am going to start a 2nd news series: Dev News Weekly. It will focus on national news for developers. It will probably focus on web development as that’s where my focus has been.
  • I will start posting at least 1 opinion post per month.
  • I will be better at posting project updates. Half the reason I started my CTW posts was to drive smart people like you to my site so you can see what cool things I am up to.

Thanks a ton for reading! I keep trying to tell myself that I write these blog posts for my benefit and it’s just an extra bonus that other people might read them but it’s really nice to know people do read them.