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Colorado Tech Weekly #55: It’s not always unicorns and rainbows

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Last weekend Andy Vuong with the Denver Post pointed out a seemingly unfair tax on Denver’s web and app developers. Then I read this article “Do You Believe in LIfe After Startups?” that says all this excitement over startups, accelerators and VCs could just be a bubble priming to burst. Then after that my alternator goes out on my car making me question whether maintaining my car is more expensive than buying a new one. Things were not looking so bright.

But then Greg Avery with the Denver Business Journal put Vuong’s article in some context that Denver’s tax is more old than bad. I realized the startup “bubble” is tempered by the fact that good, experienced VCs and developers won’t fall for bad projects more than once… or twice. And my car? It’s fixed now. I’m also looking for some part-time work so I can get a new car.

If it was always unicorns and rainbows, then we wouldn’t need innovators and disrupters. We wouldn’t need to fail faster or be more agile or lean. Sometimes we need to celebrate these as the opportunities they are.

Top Colorado Technology News

  • Denver’s tax on web and app development draws ire from software execs [DenverPost]
  • New open source starter kit, from Denver-based AppIt Ventures, saves developers a week of time [BuiltinColorado]
  • Fort Collins-based Bulb raises $1M in Series A funding from angels, prepares for launch of first major digital product [InnovatioNews]
  • Westminster online ad firm Trueffect raises $5 million in funding [TechKnowBytes]
  • Louisville-based CodeFutures rethinks databases, offers AgilData to help companies cope with Big Data management [InnovatioNews]
  • CEOs discuss Colorado’s advantages, challenges, and Boulder vs. Denver [Xconomy]
  • Boulder’s Foundry-backed Mocavo bought by a London family history company [BuiltinColorado]
  • Boomtown Demo Day showcases first six startups to come through unique Boulder accelerator program [InnovatioNews]
  • Lockheed Martin Space Systems gets $1.9 billion missile-detection satellite contract [DBJ]
  • Denver’s taxing of software again draws ire of local companies [DBJ]

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