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Dev News Weekly #1: Where Android and I both try something new

Android L

Dev News Weekly is designed to give you (and me) 10 useful software/web developer stories every Tuesday morning!

I’m getting fairly comfortable with my primary newsletter, Colorado Tech Weekly. However, I started that newsletter for 2 reasons. Keep up with the Colorado tech community and keep up with the developer community. Since there is so much Colorado tech news, it has pushed aside the developer news, so I decided to try this on for size. Since I’m leaning towards web development, that’s where most of my news will probably point. I hope you like it!

Developer News

  • Rackspace announces Global Mobile App Challenge with $20,000 In prizes [AppDeveloperMagazine]
  • One Month raises $770K to teach all of the coding [TechCrunch]
  • Hacking the hacker school: How the bootcamp is being taken to scale outside the coding world [VentureBeat]
  • Bootstrap 3.2 highlights mobile features, adds browser bug tracking [InfoWorld]
  • Android L first take: Developers are excited, intrigued [InfoWorld]
  • Developers rejoice: Android innovation rules at Google I/O [InfoWorld]
  • Oracle Embraces JSON and RESTful APIs [ProgrammableWeb]
  • Study: 9K apps and 397M users show cost-per-install is the worst mobile user acquisition method [VentureBeat]
  • Eclipse Luna picks up Java 8, PHP, C/C++ support [InfoWorld]
  • Mozilla launches built-in HTML5 app development environment For Firefox [TechCrunch]

Pick of the Week

I needed to have something else in these posts besides my usual blathering and 10 news stories, so I will choose one thing each week to promote just because I like it.

DTNS-LogoThis week you should check out the Daily Tech News Show! It’s one of my favorite tech podcasts thanks to host, Tom Merritt’s enthusiasm. Each show is less than 60 minutes long and is available every weekday afternoon. It’s informative and fun. It’s infotainment for your ears… or your eyes if you watch the video version.

Thank you for reading!

If you know of any other good news sources for developers (especially newbies like me), please let me know!

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