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Colorado Tech Weekly #80: Reviewing my predictions for 2014, 1 event and business

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Christmas is in 3 days. That thought didn’t quite hit me until I just typed it. I should start wrapping presents. At least I have them all purchased.

Since this is the 2nd to last Monday of the year, I figured i would look back at my predictions I made for 2014. I give myself a generous 50% accuracy.

  • I predicted that Revolv and Rachio would be purchased. Revolv is now part of Nest. Rachio is still Rachio. I was half right.
  • I predicted that Dish Network would not be awarded the Worst Company to Work For award. They’re not even in the “top” 10. Good job Dish! Also I was right!
  • I predicted that smartphone innovation would plateau. I was right! But I thought there would be a cool game-changing audio UI. I was wrong.
  • I predicted that responsive web design would become the norm. It’s not the norm yet, but it’s slowly getting there. I was wrong.
  • I predicted that Fire OS would become the #3 most popular tablet OS. I generously give myself half credit because Amazon botched this one. They could have made this happen, but instead they focused on building a phone that focused on convincing users to buy more from Amazon. Damn you Bezos!

I don’t anticipate much news being made this week, so I should have plenty of time and room for predictions for 2015 in next week’s post. I wonder if I can make them all Colorado tech focused.

Happy Holidays!

Top Colorado Technology News

  • Boulder’s Rally Software teams with Code for America [TechKnowBytes]
  • Westminster-based Lassy Project raises $750K of $1.6M equity investment round offering [InnovatioNews]
  • Denver lands Panasonic Enterprise Solutions near airport [DenverPost]
  • Boulder won’t stand in the way of Google’s expansion [DBJ]
  • Denver-Based Altitude Digital appoints former Federated Media/Lijit Exec Manny Puentes as Chief Technology Officer [BuiltinColorado]
  • Behind the scenes in Denver with PaySimple Customer Experience [PaySimple]
  • Douglas County-based Dish is first pay-TV company to integrate Netflix [TechKnowBytes]
  • Littleton’s Lockheed Martin Space Systems lands another $16.7 million in tax incentives (Video) [DBJ]
  • Take a Quick Look at Boulder-based Quick Left in our 2014 Annual Report [BuiltinColorado]
  • Comcast doubles Internet speeds for most Colorado customers [DBJ]

Upcoming Events

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