It’s Time To Focus More on “Doing” Than “Learning”

I just finished my last 2 classes of the year which means I can spend the next 2 months doing what I want to do. It means I have ACTUAL FREE_TIME! I’m not sure how to free-time but I’ve been told it is a vital part of my mental health so I plan on making the most of it by DOING things.

Opened magic book with magic light. EducationIt may just sound like pointless semantics or just not make any sense at all but I realized that I’ve spent most of my free-time during the past 2 years learning more than doing. This means that while my knowledge of languages, frameworks, communities, industries, hobbies and people has increased, I have very little to show for it. By focusing on learning, I’ve kept myself in a very safe place where I just need to consume information with little to no expectations.

There’s a huge difference between having knowledge of a subject and being able to perform that subject. Learning about programming languages and frameworks does not make me a good programmer just as learning how to catch a baseball does not mean I will be a good baseball player.


So I will focus my next 2 months on DOING the things I want to do. I will create apps, make games, draw things and write stories. If I need to learn something in order to create, then I will do that but my focus will be on creation. In fact, I’ve already started!

The funny thing is, the best ways to learn skills like programming, drawing and writing is… to do them!


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