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Colorado Tech Weekly #133: Is ‘I don’t know’ a valid prediction?

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I normally don’t put too much thought into what I write in these paragraphs before the headlines but since I promised predictions I should deliver. I’ve had a hard time figuring out what my predictions should be but I think I figured out a way to make sense of this. So without further ado (I’ve never been a fan of too much ado), my predictions for Colorado tech in 2016 in no particular order:

  • Dev school hype reaches its peak in 2016: I am in no way saying that dev schools are just hype. I think they’re great! I’ve seen many people in Colorado succeed because of dev schools and I watch them with envy while I plug away at my CS degree part time (only 2 year to go!). I’m just saying the hype and excitement around dev schools reaches crazy-pants levels next year.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) sneaks into real life: There’s a funny thing about personal technology. It’s sold as this great, ground-breaking thing but it is always treated as something “in the future” that seems unreachable. Then one day you look around and that unreachable, ground-breaking technology is everywhere! That day will happen for IoT next year.
  • Cool, sexy tech like driverless cars, virtual reality and artificial intelligence improves but no one appreciates the improvements: Speaking of unreachable, ground-breaking technology, a lot has to happen for those promises to come to fruition. Next year there will be great improvements in these areas, but unless you’re following them closely you won’t really notice.
  • Colorado tech will see constant growth: Speaking of things we don’t notice (I’m getting pretty good at these transitions), the Colorado tech community will continue to grow at a steady pace. This is awesome but since we tune things out when they’re constant, people won’t really notice. I haven’t decided yet if that’s good or bad yet.

I have typed entirely too much here. Here’s the news. Happy new year!

Top Colorado Technology News

  • Boulder’s LogRhythm is finalist for two SC Magazine Awards [InnovatioNews]
  • Google-backed Gusto adds $22M more funding as it grows in Denver [DBJ]
  • Denver-based Faction doubles down on expansion After $6M round [Xconomy]
  • Englewood-based Cybergy Partners taps Terrence DiVittorio as new president and COO [InnovatioNews]
  • Boulder’s SolidFire being acquired for $870M in cash [DenverPost]
  • Colorado CIOs plan to add, fill tech jobs in 2016 [DBJ]
  • Tim Spark reviews his time at the Westminster-based DaVinci Coders Bootcamp [TimSpark]
  • Get to know Denver’s PaySimple better with an inside look at our culture [PaySimple]
  • Get to know Boulder-based Greystone by the numbers [GreystoneTech]
  • Yelp Security Head Joins Denver’s Gamma 2 Robotics’ Advisory Board [Gamma2Robotics]

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