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Colorado Tech Weekly #153: Podcast Guesting, Linux Learning, DevOps and BSW Watching

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Last Monday I was invited to be a guest on the EleventyTwelve podcast with Jared Ewy and Aaron Templer. It was fun to meet Jared and Aaron and see how another podcast is put together.

We talked a little bit about AirBnB rules and we talked about upcoming tech events and the people and groups that make them happen. Give it a listen and let me know what you think because I can’t listen to it. I tried, but I will just constantly second guess myself and be entirely too hard on myself so the only way I will hear if Jared’s editing magic made me sound smart is to hear it from you.

Last week I also said I would get serious about my job search and I already had my first interview. It was a phone interview for a Jr. DevOps position and the conclusion reached was that I was good on all my skills needed for the job except my Linux knowledge. I have some, but it’s old and rusty. This makes sense though since DevOps is that middle ground between “an IT worker who wants to be a part of the development process” and “a developer that can actually put continuously integrated code into production.” So I decided to brush up on my Linux skills.

Since then I’ve learned that has a great CentOS lesson. I also learned that it was quicker for me to start an Amazon AWS instance than it was to get set up with Docker, how to use Git Bash, and that creating a Linux server in a virtual machine to follow a tutorial is a pain. I’d rather just connect to another computer than try to figure out pretend networking.

My plan is to use AWS instances and virtual machines to get as comfortable as I can with Linux in the next month then see if the position I applied for, or a similar position, is available.

If you have, or know of, a position you think I would fit in check out my resume and my projects page and let me know. I would greatly appreciate it. Have a good week!

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Top Upcoming Events

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