More Than Tech at Denver Mini Maker Faire

On Saturday I got the chance to go to the Denver Mini Maker Faire at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The Denver Mini Maker Faire was a 2-day event that showcased the people and organizations that make up the “maker” movement in Colorado.

What is a “Maker”? When I thought of a Maker I thought of someone who knows about electricity and currents and breadboards that have nothing to do with bread and knows how to solder and how to correctly pronounce “solder” without wondering if you really should be pronouncing the “L”.

And plenty of those people were there! Sparkfun Electronics had a big booth where you could make your own LED-lit badge using copper tape. The many different maker hubs from the Denver area were there showing off projects by their members made of sensors and chips and Raspberry Pi’s.

However there were also plenty of booths, including many of the maker hub booths, that showed off creations that were made with sewing and cloth and metal-bending and 3D-printers. So what is a Maker? A Maker is someone who enjoys learning and creating with their main objective being education and inspiration. There’s no barrier to entry into the Maker movement as long as you enjoy learning, creating and inspiring.

There is something about creating things that makes us feel good about ourselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s a crayon drawing or a birdhouse or a computer game or an 8-foot tall robot made of crochet and computer chips. We feel better when we create. It’s something I’ve been trying to get going in my household. We should consume less and create more.

Check out the Denver Mini Maker Faire “Meet the Makers” page for more information about the exhibitors.

Art-o-cade let patrons decorate cars in front of the museum
The door was locked so no one could get in and get lost.
Kids playing with Cubelets (made in Colorado!)
A 3D-printed leg brace for a kitten by the Art Institute of Colorado
Drawbot drawings and other gadgets from Solid State Depot
Drawbot drawing
Cool looking Furby-things by Ira Sherman
Me with a Dalek. Apparently I had some weird-ass Caillou-hair going on all day that no one felt the need to tell me about. EXTERMINATE!
A cool game made of pinball parts
Serenity Forge hacked a Kinect a made a cool arm-waving musical game.
A sensor and a projector from System76 allowed kids to move sand to create islands, lakes and mountains
NIST had plenty of demonstrations
A giant metal dragon

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