Go Code Colorado 2017 Kick-Off showcases the tech startup community

Wednesday, February 1st was the Kick-Off for the 2017 Go Code Colorado Challenge at Galvanize in Denver. I went because I might like the idea of participating again, but I mainly went because I like what the Go Code Colorado Challenge says about the Colorado technology community.

Before the kick-off event, Scott Yates hosted a panel of technology and entrepreneur advocates from around Colorado to talk about the Colorado technology community. The panel included Andrea Young, CEO of the Colorado Technology Association, Josh Hudnall, co-founder and co-director of LAUNCH West CO in Grand Junction, Jim Mackay, Cofounder of Scape in Durango, Jon Wilker, founder of Ignite Denver and 360Conferences in Denver, Aari Loftipour, CEO of Jalapeno Inventive in Fort Collins and Michelle Parvinrough, Executive Director of Peak Startup in Colorado Springs.

I will tell anyone repeatedly that if you are involved in Colorado tech startups you are part of a community more than you are part of an industry. It was great to hear this sentiment from the panel. Our supportive community is what makes people want to stay involved. The mountains and the craft beers and the “Colorado lifestyle” are great, but it’s the fact that those involved in the Colorado tech community enjoy working and working together that keeps us here. We’re still competitive, but we’re supportive.

The Go Code Colorado Challenge reflects this ideal. It’s definitely a competition. Each of the 3 finalist team gets $25,000 to keep their app idea going but, like the Colorado tech community, it’s not a cutthroat competition. It is a fun, challenging way to stretch your tech and entrepreneurial muscles and you get the chance to win $25,000 and all you have to do is show up.

About the 2017 Go Code Colorado Challenge

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