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Colorado Tech Weekly #224: Failure, Open Source, Freelancing, Tech Jobs and Denver Startup Week (50% More Links THIS WEEK ONLY)

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If I was still doing an accompanying podcast with these blog posts, this week I would talk forever. There is so much packed into this week’s headlines that I want to talk about!

I’d talk about the importance of being comfortable with failure because of the SparkFun post. Or I could talk about the allure of game development and talk about Mystic Melee. What about interview struggles and strategies that Built in Colorado brings up?

But wait! There’s more!! I could talk about the deceptive difficulty of freelancing (doing the projects is the easy part) because of the Impact Lab article or I could talk about my frustration with the “talent gap” while looking at the Denver Post’s Amazon-related story. But I’d also want to talk about open-source development thanks to the story about DRUD Tech, especially since Hacktoberfest is starting soon.

Speaking of Hacktoberfest, are you participating? I want to give it a shot but I know I’ll need some knowledge/moral/tech/emotional support to make it worth it.  I know SendGrid is participating. It would be cool to find other Colorado tech companies/people/organizations that are involved.

OH WAIT! THERE’S ALSO DENVER STARTUP WEEK! At the end of this post are 10 posts I’ve collected from the from the Colorado tech community to make sure you get the best Denver Startup Week experience.

Have a great week!

Top Colorado Technology News

  • Meet Our July 2017 Full Stack Web Development Graduates! [CodeCraft]
  • Project Fails [SparkFun]
  • Denver-based game, Mystic Melee, out on Early Access [PewPewCat]
  • Colorado tech recruiters reveal: What to ask (and what NOT to ask) [BuiltinColorado]
  • Behind the scenes: 5 Colorado software engineers share the coolest tech they’ve built [BuiltinColorado]
  • Google buys Boulder campus for $130 million [DBJ]
  • DaVinci Institute to launch world’s first “freelance colony” at its Westminster, Colorado HQ [ImpactLab]
  • Denver software firm, Choozle, expands HQ after doubling its headcount [BusinessDen]
  • Finding workers a challenge in Colorado’s bid for Amazon campus [DenverPost]
  • Denver-based DRUD Tech Releases DDEV Community, the Premier Open Source Toolkit to Simplify End-to-End Web Development Processes [CIODive]

Top Upcoming Events

10 Best Denver Startup Week Posts from the Colorado Tech Community

  • Spotlight on the Maker Track [DenverStartupWeek]
  • Spotlight on the Developer Track [DenverStartupWeek]
  • GoSpotCheck & Denver Startup Week [GoSpotCheck]
  • Denver Startup Week 2017 will offer 350 programs, big names [DBJ]
  • Your Guide to Everything Denver Startup Week [BuiltinColorado]
  • Sixth annual Denver Startup Week set for Sept. 25-29 with 300+ events [InnovatioNews]
  • Denver Startup Week 2017 [Choozle]
  • Denver Startup Week: Here’s a sneak peek at this year’s Startup Crawl [BuiltinColorado]
  • The DSW trifecta: Laughs, beer, tech jobs []
  • The Colorado Startup Scene and Denver Startup Week 2017 [TechnicalIntegrity]

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