Hey Colorado tech companies! I need your convention swag!

In 2013, I started volunteering as the computer lab monitor for Mortensen Elementary after school. The school likes having me there because of my computer science background, so I’m going to make use of that background to teach kids how to code. All updates to this project can be found on the main project page.

Kids like silly prizes so I need silly prizes

I created a class for my daughter’s elementary school. In order to encourage kids to participate I want to offer fun prizes, but I need your help!

If you have any fun convention swag laying around, I would like to take some of it off your hands. These will be our prizes. I’m looking for balls, stickers, toys, things that blink or glow. Anything that you would pick up at a convention that you would give to your kids. These will be going to elementary students, so it doesn’t need to be anything fancy.

The reason I’m reaching out to you for help is two-fold.

  1. I need simple prizes for the students. There are 20 sections in the class for kids to complete. After they complete 5 sections they will be allowed to choose a prize.
  2. I want to let kids know that when they grow up, there are fun places to work in Colorado to keep them motivated.

Email me at if you can help or for more information. Thanks!