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Colorado Tech Weekly #74: Finding Inspiration

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I just finished listening to the latest episode of one of my favorite podcasts, Ruby Rogues. It’s a few Ruby programmers who spend most of their time talking about higher level concepts that ANY programmer of any language can appreciate. They had Kinsey Ann Durham, developer for Denver-based GoSpotCheck, as a guest and she talked about being a new developer and her path to that job. It’s inspiring to hear stories from developers like Kinsey. Give it a listen, get inspired and go to one of the events below!

For EVEN MOAR inspiration check out the stories of the CTA APEX awards and the TechStars “Where are they now” story.

Top Colorado Technology News

  • City of Denver clarifies software-tax policies to quiet concerns [DBJ]
  • Denver-based Rachio gets $2.5M so you can water your lawn from your cell phone [BuiltinColorado]
  • Boulder’s Kindara receives $1.25M in new funding, $50K vote of confidence from consumers [BuiltinColorado]
  • MapQuest growing in Denver with Commute app [ConfluenceDenver]
  • Tech startup of the month: Boulder-based OpenSnow [CoBizMag]
  • Denver’s gSchool announces Go Microservices Track [galvanize]
  • Colorado Springs-based ISSAC receives 2014 Award of Excellence in Aerospace/Defense [CTA]
  • Denver-based Skiing in Colorado just got a whole lot cheaper with [BuiltinColorado]
  • 14th annual APEX Awards recognize 10 outstanding technology leaders [CTA]
  • Where Are They Now? Featuring Rapt Media, Occipital and RoundPegg [Techstars]

Upcoming Events

Thank you for reading!

If you know of any other good news stories or sources about tech in Colorado, please let me know! Also if you attend any of the events listed, I would love to hear from you!

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