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Colorado Tech Weekly #124: 3 Recaps, 2 Twitter-Related Headlines and 1 Set of Layoffs

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4 out of the past 6 Colorado Tech Weekly’s have had headlines about tech companies laying off employees, but I have not heard a lot from the tech community about it.

I think it’s because A) the amazing growth seen this year in Colorado tech is bound for some leveling out, so it doesn’t seem as scary and B) there’s enough opportunities here that laid off employees aren’t without a job for long. I’m not all that satisfied with B. Regardless, I feel for those who have lost their jobs.

On a brighter note, check out the first 3 stories! As much as I like hearing what Colorado tech companies are doing, I love hearing directly from the developers in the industry I want to work in.

Happy Halloween!

Top Colorado Technology News

  • Kelly Shuster reviews the Big Android BBQ 2015 [KioDev]
  • Hack the Arts Hackfest Recap [QuickLeft]
  • Allan McLelland reviews his summer internship at Boulder’s Foraker Labs [Foraker]
  • Denver-based MapQuest gets a new look after Verizon takes over [DenverPost]
  • Denver’s Welltok acquires children’s health app Zamzee [DenverPost]
  • Colorado poised to grow as top-performing STEM state [DBJ]
  • Craftsy, Denver-based online craft giant, cuts 12 percent of workforce [DenverPost]
  • Boulder-based Gnip’s new Insights APIs give businesses a better idea of who their audience is [TheNextWeb]
  • Wayin launches new integration with Twitter’s Collections API [Wayin]
  • 7 Colorado companies hiring right now that will make sure you have fun at work [BuiltinColorado]

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