5 Peoples’ Reasons for going to C-Level (Including Mine)

C-Level @ A Mile High Stacked Logo 2015

On Thursday, March 10 the Colorado Technology Association is hosting C-Level at Mile High on the club level at Sports Authority Field. C-Level is CTA’s premier annual networking and fundraising event. It allows providers to bid for time with over 60 different top Colorado technology executives and includes a silent auction that benefits CTA.

This will be the 10th annual C-Level at Mile high hosted by CTA and it will be the third year I am volunteering for it. Before I let you know why I go, let me show you what some other people are saying…

I’ve attended C-Level for the past 3 years and it’s an experience I wouldn’t want to miss. Here are my top three favorite things about this exciting event:

1. The networking. I look forward to seeing many familiar faces, and meeting new contacts as well. It’s a friendly crowd in a magnificent venue.

2. The Celebrities. The top technology leaders in Denver are everywhere. It’s exciting to see which Celebrities bring in the most funds.

3. The ambiance. The energy of C-Level is riveting. I’ve heard it described as a giant cocktail party. The food and drinks are top-notch, the silent auction is fun to bid on, and connecting with friends, colleagues and new acquaintances is energizing.

-Karen Sutherland, Marketing Manager – Hitachi Data Systems (Attendee/Sponsor)

Karen is right about the networking at C-Level. It’s fun! And that’s strange for me to say since I’m not a big fan of large groups of people but the space provided on the club level, the food, the drinks and the auctions make it a very appealing place to be. I am excited to go back this year and see the friends I’ve made from the past C-Level events.

Compri has been a title sponsor several years running, and our staff attends faithfully every year. We have forged lasting business relationships and friendships resulting in recurring business and trusted partnerships. Plus, the event itself is so much fun you can’t miss it!

-Tom Melaragno, President – Compri Consulting (Sponsor)

C-Level 10 YearThe industry insight is great. There are tons of startup events in Colorado but this is a technology business event first. That’s not to say it’s not an event for startups. In fact if one of these Celebrities looks like your target market for your startup, C-Level may just be the best way to get their attention.

When I first started attending CTA meetings and events I thought it was a great business development opportunity.  But before long, I realized that it was much more than that.  It was an opportunity to connect with industry peers, develop friendships and connect with the best local, innovative technology companies.  This is the most meaningful association in Colorado for building connections across the technology space.

-Alan Ferguson, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder – Coalfire (Attending)

Like Alan, CTA is the organization that put me in touch with so much of the Colorado technology industry. I soon learned that it is much more of a community than an industry. I am thankful for the work CTA does for technology professionals in Colorado. Participating in C-Level is my way to support CTA’s various missions such as supporting startups with their support of Denver Startup Week, talking with legislators about technology issues and helping us new developers with the Tech Talent Pipeline.

The C-Level @ Mile High CTA event is a great opportunity for me to reconnect with industry friends as well as meet new technology peers in the front-range.  When I attended in 2015, it was great to see how this event has grown over the past 10 years to such a large number of attendees while still maintaining an impressive percentage that are C-suite execs.  CTA has done a great job at creating different ways to encourage interaction between the attendees during the C-Level event, which has been a catalyst to expand my network and find interesting ideas to bring back to KPA.

– Vane Clayton, CEO – KPA (Attendee)

Above all else, I go to C-Level to be inspired. I am not a marketing professional. I’m not a tech executive. Actually, I’m not even employed by a tech company yet! But when I talk to people at C-Level I find people who are passionate about the “community” part of the Colorado technology community and I hear about how they got started. We all start somewhere.

Join me on March 10th at Sports Authority Field for C-Level at Mile High for the community, the fun and the inspiration.

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