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Be the first one to support the Colorado Tech Weekly Podcast!

I’m still looking for my first Colorado Tech Weekly Podcast supporter on Patreon. In order to sweeten the deal, I added rewards!

$1/month – Supporter

All Colorado Tech Weekly Patrons will be thanked on the show and get the ability to make announcements on the show.

$5/month – Early Access

Early access supporters get the content of my Colorado Tech Weekly posts as soon as they are finished. I usually create the post on Sunday but I don’t publish it until Monday morning. You will get it as soon as it’s done!

$10/month – Let’s “Hangout”

By giving over $10 per month you will be invited to the Google Hangout that I will run while setting up, recording and broadcasting the podcast.

$50/month – Sponsor

As a Sponsor, you or your organization will be mentioned during every podcast as a supporter of Colorado Tech Weekly. I will also announce any upcoming events or promotions for you or your organization as long as you tell me about them.

Give as much or as little as you like. Your support ensures that the podcast continues. Thank you!

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