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Colorado Tech Weekly #146: Which is Better? Planning or Improvising?

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The answer to the headline is “Yes.” I know. It’s a trick question and it’s Monday and you’re trying to figure out what it was you ate yesterday that has you feeling a bit off today (maybe the 5 pounds of chocoloate?) and you’re still trying to readjust after the snow storm interrupted your week last week so it’s not nice to give you a trick question and I’m sorry.

Planning is important regardless of what all the shotgun innovators tell you. If you want to do something well, you have to make a plan. Most of the headlines I share every week are the results of people setting a goal, making a plan and spending years going for it. Today I finished my Software Requirements Specification for my app for my police officers. It feels nice to have a plan.

But what about improvising? The best improvisation comes after the plan. It’s like the rescheduled events listed this week. There was a plan but things got changed, so you improvise and continue on. This is the best kind of improvisation.

Plan. Then improvise. Please.

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Top Colorado Technology News

  • Heck yeah, we’re from Denver: Revolar [Tech+]
  • Boulder-based TeamSnap hires former Louisville-based NexGen Storage CFO Benner [BizWest]
  • Denver’s Fruition acquires DS2 Magento Hosting [Fruition]
  • How 4 Colorado tech leaders are working to empower women in tech [BuiltinColorado]
  • Boulder’s SendGrid announces availability in Google Cloud Launcher [InnovatioNews]
  • New dev gigs: 5 software engineering openings in Colorado [BuiltinColorado]
  • Denver-based Wazee Digital to launch live event services at NAB 2016 [WazeeDigital]
  • Denver’s FullContact acquires Brewster to broaden product offerings [InnovatioNews]
  • Fast-growing Houston tech company, Poetic Software, to open Denver office [DBJ]
  • Denver-based ProtectWise guarding against hackers [DBJ]

Top Upcoming Events

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