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The Future of Colorado Tech Weekly…

Before I start, I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for reading these posts and listening to the podcast. It’s great to be a part of the Colorado technology community.

What should be the future of Colorado Tech Weekly? I am coming up on 3 years of posting a Colorado Tech Weekly post every single week. That’s a huge deal and it’s something I’m immensely proud of. However I’ve run into a few issues lately that have made me consider how to continue.

The Colorado Tech Weekly Podcast

It turns out that producing a podcast, even with one person and no editing or sound effects, doubles the amount of time I work on Colorado Tech Weekly.  The thing is, I want a podcast with more than one person with co-hosts and guests, music and sound effects, and a better production but I don’t want to neglect my work towards working to be a developer to produce the blog and the podcast.

I could either stop doing to podcast and focus on the blog posts OR I could focus more on the podcast and make the blog posts more like show notes for the podcast. I’m tempted to do the second option and put more of my focus on the podcast. I’m curious what you think.

Issues With Article Access

I love using Colorado Tech Weekly to share news about Colorado tech and to share the great Colorado tech news sources. Unfortunately, some of those great Colorado tech news sources have decided to add monthly article limits or paywalls in order to make money. I completely get the need for news publications to make money. I want reporters to be compensated so they can spend time digging into stories. However article limits and paywalls make it really difficult to share stories with others because I don’t want to send my readers to articles they can’t read because they’re not subscribers to those sites.

I NEED Your Feedback!

I’m not good at asking for feedback. I’ve gotten some good feedback about the podcast and whenever I go to events I hear that the blog posts are a great resource. Do you want Colorado Tech Weekly to continue? How do you want it to continue? Would you be OK with it being more of a podcast? Do you want less headlines with more in depth stories? A bi-weekly podcast with more discussions?

What ideas do you have for Colorado Tech Weekly?

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