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Colorado Tech Weekly #251: Do Not Sacrifice Yourself for Opportunity

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Last week I had a new experience. I had my first full-blown anxiety attack. In the middle of the afternoon my mind seized up while i was trying to develop a new feature for the startup where I work and I panicked. The feature wasn’t huge, but it was the straw that broke the camel’s back after a month of high stress both personally and professionally. I would like to not do it again.

Afterwards, I Googled “anxiety attack” and under self-care it said the best way to treat yourself is to avoid alcohol, reduce caffeine intake, get exercise, consciously manage stress and eat healthy and I read that and I laughed because it basically told me “Do the exact opposite thing you’ve been doing all month.”

Then I read a 5280 Magazine article titled “The 9 Things You Should Know About Colorado’s Work-Life Balance” and I”ll tell you the first thing: We’re not as good at having a balance as we’d like to think. Out of the 251 weeks I’ve written these blog posts, very few of them have not highlighted growth in Colorado tech and with that growth comes new opportunities and with those opportunities comes the urge to be available at any time for those opportunities and with that comes stress.

Take some time to remember that the opportunities we seek are for ourselves, our families and our community and have a great week!

Top Colorado Technology News

  • Rural Colorado is about to score a major broadband win, and so is Gov. John Hickenlooper and lawmakers [DenverPost]
  • Golden drone company Juniper Unmanned raises $3.4 million [DBJ]
  • Women of Greenwood Village-based Skill Distillery speak on tech industry [SkillDistillery]
  • Broomfield-based Conga acquires Orchestrate LLC [BizWest]
  • Colorado to spend millions building electric-vehicle charging stations [DBJ]
  • Facebook bringing free week-long web skills program to Denver this summer [DenverPost]
  • What’s the tech industry’s impact on Colorado’s economy? [DBJ]
  • Tech employment in state increases by 6,530 jobs [BizWest]
  • San Francisco tech companies head east to Denver [DBJ]
  • DTC’s first Bitcoin teller on display at Innovation Pavilion in Centennial [InnovatioNews]

Top Upcoming Events

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