Thank You

Today I graduated from Regis University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. I did not do this alone and I’m grateful for the help, encouragement and inspiration from many people. It’s amazing how 2 small words can mean so much. “Thank You”

To my wife, Corrine – Thank you for your love and encouragement and understanding. The work and dedication I’ve had to put towards my degree has meant I have not given our relationship the work and dedication it deserves and it has been this way for 5 freakin’ years! That means I’ve spent over half of our marriage doing this. You are a saint.

To my daughter, Ashlynn – When I think of the person I want to be, I look at myself through your eyes. Your optimism and enthusiasm for your schoolwork inspires me. This fall you are about to start high school and take as many Honors and AP classes as you can and it won’t be easy but know that if I can pass my classes, you can too and that your mom will support you as much as she supported me and I’m so happy that I’ll be able to also help and support you.

To my Mom – Our relationship has not been close for a while, but you formed the foundation of who I am and I could not have achieved this without your influence.

To my Dad – You work harder than anyone I know and your constant curiosity to learn new things inspires and encourages me. I may be done with schoolwork but I’ll enjoy taking after you and spending the rest of my life staying curious.

To my sister, Sam – I’m lucky to have such a selfless and encouraging sister. No matter what you’ve been through in the past 5 years (and you’ve been through a lot), you’ve always been a much needed source of enthusiasm and encouragement. Thank you.

To my mother-in-law Mary – Your faith, understanding and help have been instrumental to every success in our family. Thank you.

To Marie Trout – I took an odd job as a freelancer online and found a friend who believes in me. I value your support and friendship. Thank you.

To my friend, Dre – When I would get discouraged, I thought of you. You left a job that you could’ve comfortably stayed in to go to school and do something you love. It was always a reminder that what I wanted is possible. And when I was diagnosed with depression last year, it was easy for me to choose exercise over medication because I knew I’d have a friend at the gym to encourage me. Thank you.

To Dan, Anthony, Dave, Lewis and all my other friends that I ignored to get my schoolwork done – Thank you for staying my friend.

To my friend, Candice – You went back to school as an adult, got your degree and work as a developer. You were a reminder that what I wanted to do was possible. Thank you for the inspiration.

To my friend, Roberta – It was so long ago that we worked graveyard shift together while I did homework between phone calls and radio traffic. It is so easy to feel discouraged when it’s 3:30am and the homework is hard and the brain is tired and the people are stupid. Your enthusiasm and encouragement during those times is greatly appreciated and seeing you go back to school to work in a field you love is inspiring.

To my friend, Marla – It’s great to have a friend who is also doing schoolwork. It’s great to be able to say “Homework is hard.” and have a friend understand.

To my friend, Robin – You are a constant source of enthusiasm and encouragement. Thank you.

To my friend, Mark – I knew, at any time, I could call you up for help. It’s great to have a friend with experience in the software industry that I can ask questions of.

To my Go Code Colorado 2015 teammates, Edgar, Thi and Jaylyn – Your knowledge, friendship and successes inspire me. Thank you

To my former supervisors Vance, Carrie, Julie – Thank you for supporting me. You knew that I was working towards a goal that would cause me to change jobs and you still encouraged me. Thank you.

To everyone else who gave an encouraging word, answered a question or just generally showed support. Thank you.

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