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Colorado Tech Weekly #290: Reflections, Predictions, A Mistake and a Universally Universal Remote

Colorado Tech Weekly brings you the top 10  technology stories of the past week and the best upcoming local tech events every Monday morning (Unless Monday was a holiday or the eve of a holiday that I used as an excuse to put off writing this post)!

Today is the first business day of 2019. Sure yesterday was New Years Day but today is the first day many of us go back to work after spending at least a little time reflecting. It would be nice if every first day back to work felt this way.

I’m gonna make a prediction that I know will come true because I have full control over the outcome. Colorado Tech Weekly #300 will be the last Colorado Tech Weekly post on my site because Colorado Tech Weekly is getting its own site!! I’m super excited for this!!

Have a great week and a great new year!

Top Colorado Technology News

  • Denver-based Ibotta’s Year In Review: 2018 Edition [Ibotta]
  • Looking Back on 2018 [KidsTek]
  • GetSparked Year in Review [SparkFun]
  • Douglas County’s Dish Network patent reveals plans for the ultimate universal remote [DBJ]
  • Developer Relations: (More Than) The Art of Talking Good [EmilyFreeman]
  • Predictions for 2019 [KieranMcCarthy]
  • Investing in myself what worked in 2018 and my digital marketing predictions for 2019 [RyanLevander]
  • What caused nationwide CenturyLink outage? The root of the problem was in Denver memo says [DBJ]
  • Loveland names new leader for broadband division [BizWest]
  • Westminster-based Maxar’s decision to sell restructure satellite business looms [DBJ]

Top Upcoming Events

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