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Colorado Tech Weekly #295: SendGrid Highlights Colorado Tech’s Monetary Value and We Talk About Imposter Syndrome

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I’ve been a software developer for just over a year now. My first year was definitely a constant battle against imposter syndrome. Now that I have experience, that imposter syndrome is gone right? Hahahaha-no. It turns out that imposter syndrome isn’t just for newbies. It can be a constant issue for all developers and I like talking about it for the same reason I enjoy talking about mental health. Both issues are things that most people have to deal with and both issues are things that most people don’t talk about. This is why I’m excited to see that a few Colorado tech groups are getting together on February 12 to talk about imposter syndrome openly.

Infinicept is hiring again for a Software Engineer so we can bring our team of developers up to 6! I enjoy working for Infinicept partly because as an employee of a small company I get to help shape the culture. We’re a team that enjoys achieving together, learning together and helping each other out. I joke with my co-workers that I feel like I’m telling candidates what they want to hear when they ask about our culture. Interested? Let us know!

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Top Colorado Technology News

  • Gusto continues ‘incredible’ growth in Denver with latest expansion to employ 1000 [DBJ]
  • As Denver-based Ibotta hits $500M cash-back milestone a new way to get that cash is in the works [DBJ]
  • Denver’s ThreatX taps cybersecurity veteran Chris Brazdziunas to speed innovation [InnovatioNews]
  • Division of Denver digital services firm,
    Statêra, acquired by Baltimore company, Catalyte [DBJ]
  • Why MyStrength, a Denver tech firm focused on mental health, decided to sell its business [DBJ]
  • Boulder-based Inscripta raises $30 million in capital [BizWest]
  • How the chief ethics officer of Denver ethics software firm, Convercent, handles business biggest issues [DBJ]
  • Boulder’s Stateless secures $11.3M in Series A funds to improve network connectivity [InnovatioNews]
  • Colorado medical device maker, JustRight Surgical, rebrands as Bolder Surgical after $27M raise enters adult surgical market [DBJ]
  • Twilios purchase of Denver-based SendGrid just closed and the deal is now worth $1 billion more [DBJ]

Top Upcoming Events

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