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Colorado Tech Weekly #144: That urge to do all the things right now

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Last week was my attempt at doing all the things. I finished up a class. I prepared a large essay for a second class. I went to C-Level @ A Mile High. My dad came into town for the weekend so we could all go to the Denver St. Patrick’s Day. We had friends over to celebrate birthdays. Then played some card games with friends on Sunday. Meanwhile I’m getting my ToDo lists ready to go because after this week, I’m free from classes for 6 months so I want to do some projects to show that I really do know how to code.

I’m trying to do all this all right now. It’s one of those moments where I feel trapped somewhere between pride, guilt, ambition and time. It’s a feeling that many adult students and entrepreneurs feel too often. This is all stuff I chose to do and I enjoy most of it. Sometimes it just gets too overwhelming. Anyway, here’s the tech news!

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Top Colorado Technology News

  • Workers report layoffs at IBM in Boulder, nationally [DenverPost]
  • Announcing Leah Leaves as Boulder-based Ramblin Jackson’s COO! [RamblinJackson]
  • Meet 10 of the students graduating from Boulder’s CodeCraft this week [BuiltinColorado]
  • Boulder-based TapInfluence opening Silicon Valley office, adds CTO [BizWest]
  • DU’s new Cybersecurity degree comes with 50% tuition discount [Tech+]
  • Everything you need to know to break into Colorado’s tech world [BuiltinColorado]
  • Colorado Statewide Internet Portal Authority Announces CTO [BusinessWire]
  • Denver-based HomeAdvisor expands in Colorado Springs, plans to hire another 100 [Tech+]
  • Nest to grow Boulder presence separate from new Google campus [BizWest]
  • CTOs to know: meet Denver-based Tack Mobile’s Jan Birkelund [BuiltinColorado]

Top Upcoming Events

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