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Colorado Tech Weekly #177: A Semi With No Driver, a Technical Interview and Other Scary Things

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The biggest tech news in Colorado this week was the self-driving semi beer delivery. I wonder if anyone noticed that the Budweiser semi didn’t have a driver when they passed it. If they did notice, did they try to tell a friend? Did the friend write them off as crazy? I know I would.

I had my first technical interview Friday afternoon. That’s definitely a scary thing. it was a phone interview so luckily my interviewer couldn’t see my face light up in panic when he started asking the technical questions. He was very nice though and did a good job describing the scenarios. He kept repeating something that anyone on the receving end of a technical interview needs to keep in mind: It’s not about what you know, it’s about how you think. Remember this. Seriously. It’s ok to say “I don’t know” or ask more questions. Hopefully the interview went as well as I thought it did. I’ll let you know.

Other scary topics this week are cybersecurity, big-business mergers and entreprenuership. Happy Halloween!

Top Colorado Technology News

  • How does Colorado rank for its science and tech job scene? [DBJ]
  • Self-driving truck goes 120-plus miles through Colorado on beer delivery [DenverPost]
  • Westminster-based SpotX’s founder nominated for CEO of the Year [SpotX]
  • Denver’s PaySimple enters next phase of growth with $115M investment from Providence Equity [PaySimple]
  • CenturyLink in advanced talks to merge with Broomfield-based Level 3 Communications [DenverPost]
  • 13 Colorado tech experts offer startup advice for entrepreneurs [BuiltinColorado]
  • Parker playground basis for new app aimed at getting kids to play [InnovationPavilion]
  • Denver’s cybersecurity workers paid higher than national average [DenverPost]
  • Denver-based Craftsy’s big rewrite: The art and craft of scaling a startup [DenverPost]
  • The 2016 Top 100 Digital Companies in Colorado [BuiltinColorado]

Top Upcoming Events

  1. 11/2 – Analyze Boulder – Healthcare Data Checkup
  2. 11/2 – Arapahoe Library – Beginner Python Course
  3. 11/3 – Cloudegy – Data and Power BI
  4. 11/3 – CTP – 2016 TEY Gala
  5. 11/3 – Denver Creative Tech – Creative Sound Design and Robotic Bartenders
  6. 11/3 – Node.js Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins – Nodeschool Workshop: Learn NodeJS with us!
  7. 11/3 – Trustpilot – Denver Launch Party
  8. 11/3 – Women Who Code Boulder/Denver – React Native Workshop with Lawson Kurtz of Viget Labs [Boulder]
  9. 11/4 – CiGDA – Northside Casual

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