The Obligatory “I’m Blogging Again” Blog Post

It seems like anyone with a personal blog that is over a year old has lulls in the amount we publish and those lulls can only be ended with the obligatory “I’m Blogging Again” blog post. We do this because we feel weird just saying something after a long period of relative silence and mostly as a way to try to hold ourselves accountable.

If we publicly say that we’re going start writing more then we surely have to start writing more. Right?

It’s a flawed but well-meaning strategy, but has become a true tradition of blogging so here is my “I’m Blogging Again” obligatory blog post.

I’m blogging again, but not about the same things since I’m at a different point in my career. I started this site to share my passion and show my ever-growing knowledge about software development as I pursued my Computer Science degree and I used the Colorado Tech Weekly series to brag about the Colorado tech community that I wanted to be a part of because I was uncomfortable talking about myself.

Since starting this site, I’ve graduated with my Computer Science degree and started working in my dream career as a software engineer. When I started working at Infinicept we had 3 software engineers. We now have over a dozen software engineers and Infinicept is number 95 on the 2020 Inc. 5000 which is AMAZING (and yes we are currently hiring for engineers)!

Our company is growing and changing and trying new things and doing important things to support and change the payments industry and being involved in creating, managing and supporting our software, our clients and each other can be intense and overwhelming. This is the main reason I’m blogging again.

I am blogging again because I have thoughts, ideas, opinions and knowledge about software development. I care about creating and maintaining a good culture in teams and in communities. I am ever curious about good project management. I want integrations, deployments, version control and architecture to work well for us and I want us to be able to discuss these ideas and learn and share knowledge about these subjects because they are very hard subjects to learn and discuss.

I am blogging again because I’ve been a software engineer at a quickly growing startup for almost 3 years and the amount of things to learn and implement and know and learn again is mind-boggling and kills confidence easily and by writing the things I know and the thoughts I have I can look at them to remind myself that I know way more than I did before even though I’ll never know as much as I want.

I am blogging again and I’m sure having this post show up in your RSS feed or your email inbox is a bit of a surprise. I hope it’s a pleasant one.

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